Incorrect “People I manage calls for” – Microsoft Lync\Skype For Business


"The People I manage calls for" is a system created contact group in Microsoft Lync or Skype For Business (SFB). A delegate has the delegators listed under this group.

Members of the group

If "User A" has delegate access of "User B", "User B" gets populated in contacts of “User A” under a group called “The People I manage calls for". You cannot delete the user from this group. You can only move them to another group.

How to add a delegate ?.

You can configure a delegate using either Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Lync.

Outlook 2007 : Tools | Options | Delegates

Outlook 2010 : File | Account Settings | Delegate Access.

Outlook 2013 : File | Account Settings | Delegate Access.

Microsoft Lync

  • In Lync make sure the Delegate is in your Contact List. If not, search on the user, right click and choose 'Add to Contact list'.
  • Set-up Delegate Access in Lync 2013 ( Tools | Call Forwarding Settings | *Edit my delegate members | Add | On the 'Choose a contact to answer your calls' type the lastname, first name and select the Delegate| OK. Deselect 'Receive Calls' and choose OK | OK.

How to turn it off ?

  1. If you are an Enterprise Voice-enabled user, you can also follow these steps to remove a delegate.
    • Open Lync Options , click Call Forwarding tab, and then click Edit my delegate members.
    • Select the name of a delegate, and then click Remove.
  2. Run following commands in Lync PowerShell to turn it off for all users from backend.
    • set-csvoicepolicy -enableDelegation $false
    • set-csclientpolicy -EnableExchangeDelegateSync $false
  3. You can remove a delegate from outlook using;
    • Outlook 2007 : Tools | Options | Delegates.
    • Outlook 2010 : File | Account Settings | Delegate Access.
    • Outlook 2013 : File | Account Settings | Delegate Access.

Note : You can be added as a delegate without your permission but you cannot remove yourself from that role. You have to ask the person who added you to delete your name from their Lync\outlook "Delegates" group, which removes their name from your "People I Manage Calls for" group.

How to remove the stale records from the group "The People I manage calls for"?

Remove the stale delegator from following keys and re-launch Lync\SFB.

  • HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync\%UserSipUri%\Dismissed DelegatorList
  • HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync\%UserSipUri%\Last DelegatorList

Note: perform the recommended steps in lab before implementing it in production.

Note: Lync 2013 is designed to support only two delegators.

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