Plugin Free Audio-Video Calling by Skype Users


Microsoft announced support of plugin free voice and video (peer to peer and group) by Skype users on Microsoft Edge browser. It is in continuation of the effort to reduce feature parity between skype on desktop and Skype on other devices (browser, mobile etc).

This is part of Object-RTC program that Microsoft has been seriously working on. It’s recommended to read following article to make yourself aware about Object-RTC.

OBJECT-RTC – Is it Web-RTC 2.0?

It is recommended to read following article to know about Object-RTC media engine support in Microsoft Edge.

ORTC API is now available in Microsoft Edge


With the new feature support, you don’t have to download or install plugin. Just sign-in and click to start a call on Skype with Microsoft Edge.

  • All Skype voice and video calls (peer to peer or group) to and from Microsoft Edge browsers are plugin free.
  • All Skype calls (peer to peer or group) from Microsoft Edge to the latest versions of Skype for Windows and Skype for Mac are plug in free.

Sample Screenshot (Courtesy - Microsoft)


  • It won’t work with older version of Skype. You need to have latest version of it.
  • This feature is enabled for Microsoft’s Edge browser on Windows 10 version 10.0.10586 and above.
  • You need plugin for screen sharing.
  • You need plugin for calling landline or mobile (PSTN calls)

Note: As per this announcement , Microsoft is closely working on enabling audio and video interoperability with Chrome and Firefox browsers. As of now, these browsers don’t support H.264 video codec.

RTCPedia Speaks

A successful adoption of Object-RTC would be an ideal situation for the customers. This feature in Skype is a step ahead in that direction. However, miles to go before customers taste the real benefit of Object-RTC.

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