Reasons to have a unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) strategy


Processing real time information is important for almost all type of industries. It is changing the way we work today. The way we reach out to other stakeholders (other employees, clients, partners etc) today. Companies with all elements charging up to meet the requirement has chance to succeed and stay healthy. One such element is technology. How do we leverage technology to enable our workforce to communicate with other stakeholders (other employees, clients, partners etc)? How do we design a communications system which is robust, cohesive and secure? Answer lies into unified communications and collaborations. But wait... Does my company really need a unified communications and collaborations system? What are the signs of UC&C requirement ?

Understanding the Organization

An important part of the process is to understand the organization for which the evaluation is taking place. I firmly believe that you can’t select a right product and prepare either short term or long term roadmap, if you don’t understand the organization in detail. For example, what's the business goal of the organization? How is this organization structured? How different functions or verticals within firm communicate with each other? How's the work culture regulated/maintained within the firm? You need to understand the geographic presence of the firm… etc.

About Company

Does my company have operations across time zones?

Does my company have branches at multiple locations?

Does my company have customers with real time information sharing need?

Does my company need evolving workspace?

Regulations & Compliance

Does my company have to meet new regulations?

Does the industry have compliance standards to follow?

Does my company have policies to communicate and archive in a particular way?

What about security of data?

Is it required to maintain customer intimacy?

Communications Requirements

Do the workforce require continuous and real time connectivity?

Will real time data or information processing help company?

Is it required for employees to communicate with external parties?

Is it required for employees to work from home?

Social Collaboration

Is sharing content across the clusters a requirement?

Is skill broadcasting a requirement?

Is social networking within enterprise required?

Answer of these questions, help you understand the relevance of an efficient unified communications strategy. Also, it leads you to find the right technology and product set.

Benefits of Unified Communications & Collaborations

Revisit the strategy if you develop following notion (because myths are unreal)

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