About Project Rigel

Codename of an initiative, by Microsoft, to enable Skype meeting experience across meeting spaces. Majority of meeting rooms just have traditional systems (projector, standard display, a telephone etc.).

How do you bring in rich meeting experiences (screen sharing, IM, whiteboard etc.) to these rooms? Microsoft promises to bring these rich capabilities to make meetings much more meaningful and productive, with the help of project Rigel.

  • Designed to bring meeting experience to a room with standard display or a projector.
  • Powered by a tablet that doubles as centre of room touch controller
  • Powered by special edition of Windows 10
  • Make a simple call, start an ad hoc meeting or join an scheduled meeting with one touch
  • Aligned Skype Meeting experience with Hub, supporting content and video
  • Works with certified Skype Meeting room Windows 10 accessories, like cameras and audio devices


Microsoft is closely working with Polycom and Logitech to deliver project Rigel systems.


Microsoft expects the first system of project Rigel portfolio to be available in second half of 2016.


It promises to extend affordable conferencing solutions to traditional meeting rooms.

Traditional meeting rooms are yet to join the evolution of unified communications. Project Rigel would be a milestone in this direction.


Project Rigel elements are expected to work only on Windows 10 machines.

Traditional meeting rooms consists of various types of devices with different usage pattern and user experience. Will be interesting to see the adoption in this space.

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