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On-the-go business users leverage SFB's mobile applications frequently. However, they get less features on mobile than they get on desktop. Skype runs on three mobile platforms: Windows Phone, iOS for iPhone and iPad, and Android. There are features available on desktop but not on mobile... and then there are features available on iOS platform but not on Android platform. Lately, Microsoft has shown keen interest in filing up this gap, to provide consistent experience, on various type of devices or end points. Microsoft has given indication of introducing following features for mobile clients in the year 2016.

(Image courtesy – Microsoft)

View shared content on Android

As of now, none of the mobile SFB clients can share desktop or program. However, iOS & windows clients can see the shared desktop or program. Microsoft is planning to enable android users to view content which has been shared in a meeting.

Upload PowerPoint to meeting on iOS, Android

An exciting feature, profoundly missed by SFB app (mobile) users. iOS & Android users may get option to upload a PowerPoint file to a meeting from the mobile app.

PSTN fallback option for weak VoIP connections

Having a good data connection is a key part of getting great Skype audio\video experience. A weak data connection makes the meeting or call unusable. The audio or video quality gets choppy, tinny, or delayed. So, what happens when the data connection is not that great? Intelligent and automatic fallback to PSTN, when VoIP connections are weak and unstable, would make the experience much better.

Intune integration

SfB mobile apps can be managed via Intune, providing a range of management and security features. You can read more about it here…

Push notifications for Android and iOS

Push notifications will allow notifications to flow through even when the app is not running in the background.

PIN based access as a server side policy

Most likely this feature would be available in second half of the year 2016.

Outlook app integration: presence, scheduling, meeting-join

Microsoft has given indication of increased integration with outlook in time to come (By Mid of 2016). It will increase the productivity of Skype app users immensely.


Microsoft announced content viewing for Skype for Business on Android and updates to iOS

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