Skype For Business – Offline Messages

Ever wanted to be able to send a message while recipient being offline? Microsoft has introduced the much awaited feature in Skype For Business. You can now send Skype for Business messages to your contacts even if they are not signed in.

(Sending an offline message)

(Receiving an offline message)

Important points to note;

  • This features is designed for P2P Messaging
  • Senders have to use windows desktop application
  • Microsoft may extend this features to other platforms (senders)
  • If you have received messages while you were offline, Skype for Business will let you know in the conversation window and also via Windows Alerts.
  • Missed messages can be received on any platform using Skype for Business or email
  • Messages include links to download clients if needed


The offline messaging feature depends on the EnableIMAutoArchiving and DisableSavingIM properties to be set to True. If either setting is set to False, offline messaging will not be enabled.

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