Skype For Business - Meeting Features To Increase Productivity


Microsoft brings co-authoring directly into Skype. A user can compose the notes during the meeting and see, real time, how people help on work. It is as if everyone was in the same room, literally breaking physical barriers and enabling fast team creation and authoring of high quality work during a meeting. Does it bring crowdsourcing during skype meeting? Ofcourse!


Join as a PSTN User

Skype meeting supports various ways to join a meeting. With upcoming release, people will be able to join meetings using a dial in number with a regular PSTN service. Organizers can also bring people into the meeting with dial-out capabilities. Easily dragging people from their directory into the meeting. Does it mean that skype meeting supports all type of meeting join? Ofcource!


Various type of workforces use web casts to address the participants to enable one to thousand conversations. People can see presenter using a browser.


There are many more features (existing and upcoming) in the space. However, these three features are special ones to mention. Features, which would increase the productivity of skype users in multiple fold.

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