Dissecting Roadmap of Microsoft Teams


Time and again, Microsoft has proclaimed that Microsoft Teams would become the superior and intelligent communication client (compared to SfB Online) in time to come. It could happen as early as beginning of second half of the year 2018. One can notice this intention in recently released roadmap document of Microsoft Teams, Roadmap for Skype for Business capabilities coming to Microsoft Teams now available.

This article is aimed to read, few of the important aspects of this roadmap, between the lines.

Interop between Skype for Business Online & Microsoft Teams

A clearly sought-after functionality. As of now, you can have peer to peer chat between SfB and Teams user. But, that’s not sufficient. Microsoft plans to make co-existence easier by introducing following interop features by Q1, 2018.

  • Unified Presence across SfB & Microsoft Teams
  • Federated chat between Skype for Business client and Microsoft Teams
  • Persistent chat between Skype for Business client and Microsoft Teams
  • Importing contacts to Microsoft Teams from Skype for Business
  • Ability to create and manage contact groups in Microsoft Teams

Essential meeting features in Microsoft Teams

This is another area where a lot of improvements was expected before Microsoft Teams becomes the sole communication client for an end user. The roadmap clearly outlines the features and functionalities in meeting space that an organization can expect by June, 2018.

Calling Features in Microsoft Teams

Call queues is a recently announced feature in Skype for Business online. It will be made available in Microsoft Teams by the end of first quarter, 2018. Similarly, there are lot many other features and functionalities which will be added to Microsoft Teams by Q1, 2018.

In a nutshell, while Microsoft Teams promises to be enterprise ready for advanced capabilities in messaging and calling space by the end of March next year, it will keep adding some of the essential meeting features in second quarter of next year. The roadmap clearly outlines a vision where an end user will be able to use Microsoft Teams as a single communication client by the end of second quarter of next year. This would pave a way for the decommission of Skype for Business (online) client from the end user devices. Until then, the online users would be required to stick to both of the clients (optionally)!

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