Best Practices to Stay Organized – Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams could be chaotic and overwhelming if the team space and workstream are not managed properly. These are the features which I use effectively to keep Microsoft Teams in order.

Show and hide teams to stay organized

You can now Show and Hide teams and channels. This gives you additional capability to organize team list.

To try it out, go to a team or channel name in your teams list and select More options ***> Hide.

Want to get a team back in your list? Scroll to the bottom and open the Hidden teams list.

Remove people from group chat

Microsoft Teams gives us capability to remove people from a chat to manage who's in the conversation. To remove someone, go to the participants list at the top of the chat and select the X by the person's name you want to remove.

You liked it, now you can love it

I prefer using reactions ♥️, 😆, in Microsoft Teams message\thread rather than adding more messages to the thread. To get to the full menu of reactions, hover over a message and select the one you want. Emojis could be way more meaningful, at times, than the words.

Notifications – An Effective Tool to Counter Chaos

Teams is giving you even more control of what notifications you get from channels. To change the notification settings, go to the channel and select More options ***> Channel notifications.

Pin or unpin a channel

Pinned channels stay at the top of the list so you don’t have to hunt them down. To pin a channel, go to a channel name and select More options ***> Pin. Once you pin a channel, drag it into the order you want.

Filter all the things!

Filter more than your activity with the new filters added in Chat and Teams. In chat, type a person's name to filter for every group, meeting, or one-on-one chat you have with them.

Then, select More options ***to add more filters—like unread messages. Or type a keyword to filter by group chats that have names. Similarly, filter your teams list by typing a keyword to find a specific team or channel by name.

If you're a seasoned user of the filters in your activity feed and looking for your list of message types, go to Activity, select > More options *** . Or type a keyword to find a specific message

Tags in Microsoft Teams

Thankfully, Microsoft provides one more means to efficiently categorize people based on their role, skill, location etc. One can create tags and add people in a team. Once a tag is created, you can mention it (@) in a channel to manage content addressed to a set of people. People associated with the tag would receive a notification individually.

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