Deciphering Magic Quadrant (Gartner) for UCaaS – 2021

UCaaS - Importance of This Domain

Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) is a cloud-based service which an enterprise leverages to offer collaboration features like chat, content, calling, video etc to its end users. Gartner considers following offerings as part of UCaaS capabilities.

Gartner highlights the importance of UCaaS with following artefacts;

Evaluation Criteria

These are the criteria that Gartner evaluates service providers and products against.

The Magic Quadrant Report – Important Points

Leaders, There has been no change in this quadrant. Five key players (Microsoft, Ringcentral, Zoom, Cisco, 8X8) continue to demonstrate their capabilities. .

Challengers, There has been no change in this quadrant too. Three key players continue to demonstrate their capabilities.

Visionaries, Fuze remains the only platform in this category.

Niche Players, Sangoma enters this segment with their acquisition of Star2Star. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is removed from this category this year. While Windstream, Vonage and Dialpad continue to hold their position.


It would be interesting to witness the evolution of particularly four providers in this space; Microsoft, Google, Cisco & Zoom. Zoom has been relentlessly releasing new features to match platforms like Microsoft Teams. Cisco has been working hard to repurpose the product strategy of WebEx. Google has re-launched itself in the collaboration space with Google Workspace. This competition is good for the end customers. By the end of day, providers having their unique approach to enhance user experience and productivity will have the last laugh!

Many providers in the space are maintaining relationships with each other as frenemies. They need to integrate with each other to meet requirements of an enterprise despite their rivalry in the market. More they interop, the better it would be for the market and end users. Despite some of these platforms having an enormous list of features, It is less likely that enterprises would choose to consolidate on just one platform. Most of the enterprises that I have partnered with, prefer having a combination of these platforms to meet their enterprise scale requirements driven due to user personas or global presence.


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