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Microsoft Loop is an application that allows to think, plan and create content together in a more intuitive manner than office products allowed so far. It provides a flexible canvas with portable components that can be used across applications like Microsoft Teams, Emails, Microsoft Word etc.

It’s available in preview mode (not yet released) with limited features. Products like Notion and Coda provide similar features, however, Microsoft Loop has the ability to provide better experience due to its native integration with Microsoft 365 products. From a proposition point of view, the application sounds promising in terms of helping customers realize their hybrid workplace vision.

Note: Microsoft Loop is a realization of Fluid Framework which is an open-source platform for real-time collaboration across applications.

Components of Microsoft Loop

There are three components of Microsoft Loop; Workspaces, Pages & Components.


There seems to be nine components of Microsoft Loop. These are fluid live components. It’s extremely useful to effectively use these components in a live collaboration. For example, one can use a voting table to engage with meeting participants in order to take a decision on given options.

Pages, are a flexible canvas that grows and shrinks based on the size of your content. It allows people and tools to come together to ideate, discuss and conclude a content.

Workspaces, are the shared spaces for the team to work together. Provides flexibility to group content in a logical way.

Experiencing Microsoft Loop in Ms Teams, you can insert, edit & copy live components in a chatbox of Microsoft Teams. You can perform similar operations in Microsoft Word and e-mail applications as well.

Benefits, there are many benefits of using Microsoft Loop. Some of them are;

  1. Makes co-authoring powerful. Enhances intuitive quality of a team collaboration.
  2. Embedding Loop in email provides Realtime data to the participants.
  3. Fetches business workflow related data right into a conversation

Enabling Microsoft Loop, Public Preview for Microsoft Teams provides early access to unreleased features in Teams including Microsoft Loop. Follow this article to know how to enable public preview.

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