WebEx Hologram – The Era of Realtime Holographic Experience!

What about humanizing virtual meetings? What about giving identity to participants beyond the realm of videos? What about blending physical human beings, objects or places into a digital form into a meeting? Or, what about creating an ambience of Star Wars or Matrix into an online meeting?

Well, we are getting closer. Augmented Reality (AR) is helping us get there!

Introduction, Adoption of an Augmented (Virtual) Reality in collaboration (Unified Communications) domain is not a faraway vision anymore. Cisco's WebEx Hologram provides this solution to its customers for a shared, intuitive and immersive experience. Professionals like designers, engineers, researchers etc can use it to effectively collaborate remotely.

Objective, In person meeting is the best form of collaboration. What's the next best alternate solution? A simple virtual meeting? No, It's a virtual meeting with an immersive 3D hologram experience. The solution leverages Augmented Reality (AR) to create almost like an in-person meeting experience.

Benefits, There are several benefits that an enterprise can expect out of this solution.

  1. Helps to enable hybrid workplace strategy by elevating end user experience.
  2. Immersive experience of WebEx Hologram promises to enhance productivity.
  3. Saves travel time and money for an organization by leveraging 3D holograms.
  4. Aligned with futuristic digital disruptions.

Headset Agnostic, WebEx Hologram is device agnostic which is a big relief for the enterprises. As of now the solution works with Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens. There is a possibility that it would support more devices in the future.

Conclusion, WebEx Hologram is an innovation that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to extend an experience of the future. Cisco has been talking about this vision for the last couple of years. Stoked to see it becoming a reality. An innovation which is quite a bit at early stage but promises to deliver the future as it evolves.

Note, Cisco Hologram is not released as yet. It’s made available to a limited set of customers only. There is no release date published as yet.

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